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Micromelon Robot Simulator

AI Sumo Challenge

Enter the sumo ring and challenge one of Micromelon's sumo robots. Try all of the opponents and attachments.

Maze Generator

Generate a random maze from a variety of shape and size combinations. Program the rover navigate the maze.

Duckie Driving School

Program your rover to drive around the city of ducks. Follow the road rules and respect the other drivers.

Balance Boards

Find your way to the centre of the balance boards using your accelerometer and gyroscope.

Light Bulb

Imagine Anything

An extensive range of unique and challenging exercises included.

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No Setup, No Hassle

No need to build mazes, set up ramps, or tape down exercise mats.

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Unlimited Challenges

Computer generated challenges that can create progressively more difficult tasks.

Micromelon Rover

Robot Time All The Time

Students can work at home without needing access to a real rover.

Program With The Micromelon Code Editor

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Micromelon is running a free trial for any school teacher. This trial provides,

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access for you and one of your classes to the Micromelon Code Editor and Robot Simulator for 30 days.