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The Robot Simulator

Filled with virtual exercises, the Simulator is great for homework and running complex challenges.

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Imagine Anything

An extensive range of unique and challenging exercises included.

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No Setup, No Hassle

No need to build mazes, set up ramps, or tape down exercise mats.

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Unlimited Challenges

Computer generated challenges that can create progressively more difficult tasks.

Micromelon Rover

Robot Time All The Time

Students can work at home without needing access to a real rover.

Program With The Micromelon Code Editor

Write the same code for a simulated rover as you would for a real Micromelon Rover. Seamlessly connect to either from the Code Editor.

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Simulator on devices

Runs On Mac and Windows

The Simulator is available on both MacOS and Windows computers.

Tech Specs

  • Operating Systems

  • Windows 10

  • macOS 10.13 or later

  • System Requirements

  • Minimum 4GB RAM recommended

  • DX10, DX11, or DX12 capable graphics on Windows

  • Metal capable GPU on macOS

Rovers on road

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